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+32 488 097 285
Frequently Asked Questions
Why do you do this?
Originating from a different culture and having travelled extensively, I realize that companionship is an integral part of the human experience. I enjoy the company of fine gentlemen and stimulating conversation. I seek to share my experiences as YOU do the same, what could be more perfect?
How Much Notice do you need?
  • I need at least 24 hours Notice.
  • You can book in advance as required, however I require a confirmation (sms/ email or call) the SAME DAY to GUARANTEE the appointment.
Why a phone number
  • I believe in personal service! I answer all my calls and messages PERSONALLY.
  • Others use booking agents and call centers to screen and qualify their calls.
  • I greet each person with a smile, a friendly voice and always without judgment.
  • Since I offer such a PERSONAL service my time is limited. I kindly ask that you review my website to answer any questions before contacting me. I want to get to know YOU, NOT just answer questions.
  • If I’m unavailable to respond to your call or message immediately, please leave me a detailed message including:
    • Your Name
    • Your Phone No. and/or Email address
    • Your desired appointment time
    • Anything else you feel I should know to prepare
What Options do you offer?
  • A TRUE LADY never tells!…. I assure all my guests that our encounter will be UNIQUE and COMPLETELY FULLFILLING.
    I would NEVER offer anything less.
Opinion of Review Boards?
  • Each person I encounter arrives with different needs expiriences and desires. I do all I can to satisfy these needs. Each encounter is truly unique, I prefer it to stay that way, discover for yourself rather than relying on comments of anonymous reviewers.
Duo’s or Bachelor Parties Available?
  • I do WELCOME COUPLES (Man & Woman)
  • I DON’T host or attend bachelor parties.
    I’m a hostess and companion, not a SHOW GIRL.
Do you take ALL CLIENTS?
  • NO!
    I need to feel I can accomidate and interact with my guests.
  • I don’t provide a common service and can’t accomidate everyone. I am pleased to host those I feel capiable and comfortable to spend time with.
Are you available for Social Events?
  • YES!
    I love to go OUT on the town. I’m situated in London, just steps away from the in center of London.
    Please review my LINKS page for some local suggestions.
  • Given the proper notice I would be privileged to join you in a social setting of your choosing.
What can I bring – A Gift?
  • I DO NOT EXPECT or request gifts.
  • For those who FEEL obligated to arrive with something,
    I do love flowers.
I’ve never done anything like this before…
  • Then your at the perfect place to start!
    My service is personal discreet and professional.
    I will spend the time to make you, MY GUEST, feel comfortable.
  • I want you enjoy the entire experience.
'Truly yours'
Let's have fun!